Hattie's Fine Coffee
4195 Somerset Prairie Village, KS 66208   913-648-BEAN

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Welcome to Hattie's Fine Coffee online! 
Hattie's has been providing Prairie Village, KS with the finest in fresh roasted coffee since 1999 and now it's available online, NATIONWIDE! 

Hattie's Fine Coffee is owned and operated by my self, Gretchen, and my husband David, we are a true family company!  Our main goal is to provide you with the best cup of coffee possible by purchasing only the highest grade coffee beans and roasting them to exact standards. We also bake many of our items from scratch, including several gluten free options like gooey chocolate chip cookies and banana bread.  Looking for something hearty?  How about an eggcelent breakfast sandwich or a piece of C. Jack's Famous Quiche.  We also offer real fruit smoothies, no needless added sugar or fillers, just wholesome ingredients!  The Prairie Village Sunrise is a perfect guiltless tropical summer treat, or give the Garden Goddess a try it is our daughter Madeline's favorite!  Coming soon Freshly Squeezed Juice!

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